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These are the imprint colors that we use on most of our products. Please note that some actual product colors do not always match these imprint colors. Use this chart for picking out your School Colors. Computer screens may vary, so please take this into consideration that what appears on my screen, may look different than yours. I think some colors are self explanatory, but peacock blue is a nice medium royal blue & ultra blue is a darker royal blue.  Process Blue is a cornflower blue. Teal is more green than blue. Mineral orange is like the fruit color & brilliant orange is dark orange like the Caltrans workers wear on the highway in California. Bright green is a shade lighter than Emerald Green. Emerald Green is a Kelly or grass Green, Dark Green is like Forest Green. Primrose Yellow is a sunny bright yellow & medium yellow is like a light athletic gold or a school bus color. The neon colors are very bright, but probably do not show up as bright as they actually are on your screen. If unsure about a color, please request a sample! :)

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